Patient Environment

For hospital patients, the cleanliness and comfort of bedding and clothing , flame retardant quilted and fleece blankets that embrace them during their stay, can make a big, comforting difference in their healing process. For hospital management, it is vital that the delivery of re-usable apparel, which is environment-friendly and at the same time durable and protective, be efficient and cost-effective. GD products offer these qualities, along with the option to custom-print the garments, which include pajamas, patient gowns, maternity gowns, isolation gowns, sheets and blankets.

A broad base of manufacturers in several continents allows GD to offer high quality garments suitable for institutional laundry facilities, assuring customers years of hygienic reusability. Production sites in the Far East, Jordan and Israel allows duty free shipments to North America and Europe.

All products adhere strictly to healthcare specifications and are offered at competitive prices.