About Us

GD Textiles provides a variety of textile solutions to the demanding medical and health industries. Owners Guy Schwarz and Doron Lichtenstein had been working with global leaders across the textile supply chain for over 25 years combined, until in 2014 they decided to create a unique service provider model of their own. They built GD as a bridge in the global textile supply chain: working with raw materials and textile manufacturers in Europe, the Far East, Africa and the Middle East and serving customers throughout these continents as well as North America. GD connects East and West, creating a seamless path between developing and developed markets.

Agile manufacturing capabilities

The advantages are clear: access to the best available raw materials and products in a variety of markets such as Europe, China, Korea, Jordan and Israel, allows GD to comprise an optimal turnkey solution for its discerning customers, time and again. Well versed in serving multi-national brands, GD maintains several production lines around the world, optimizing value to customers with production under FTA, Eur-1 & Euro-med agreements. Working with key suppliers in the Far East, GD guarantees consistent raw material quality. Leveraging agile manufacturing capabilities, the company is capable of accommodating custom-made short runs, to fit specific needs across the full range of its products.